I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

You feel like your entire life is about watching the clock. Like you’re counting the seconds waiting for something interesting to happen.

It’s as if every day is the same monotonous thing and you’re starting to wonder if this is it. You’ve reached a point in life where you have some things to show for yourself. But your career and your personal life are definitely not as fulfilling as you’d hoped they would be.

You’ve always had an idea in mind. Whether it was the perfect house, the model family, or the ultimate career, you knew what you wanted, and you made it happen. But all of this doing has turned you into a very busy woman who is running ragged meeting her obligations rather than reaping any rewards. What was supposed to be the most satisfying accomplishments of your life ended up being a bit of a letdown and your excitement has fallen flat. Now you’re just trying to make it through the day without feeling bored out of your mind.

You can’t see the good in your life without focusing on what’s going wrong and some days you don’t even want to face how far off your real life is from the one you’ve fantasized about. Of course, you believe being an accomplished woman means putting in the hard work, but you want the work you are doing to at least mean something.

When you look at yourself today, you hardly recognize who you are. You’re not the mom you wanted to be. You’re not the partner you wanted to be. And you’re certainly not the employee you wanted to be. You’ve internalized some of the emotions you’re struggling with and your reactions are often way out of line. You’ve started to feel like people aren’t taking you seriously anymore and that you’re stagnating. And this realization makes you feel completely lost and disconnected from your future, as if you’re never going to figure out what’s underneath your boredom or what’s holding you back from happiness.

Well, we’re here to tell you you’re not alone. Striving for success and feeling let down when you actually reach it happens a lot. You’re not the only one to feel like you had it all figured out and be disappointed when you reached your goals.  It is possible to reclaim meaning and purpose in your life.

At The Virtual Therapy Couch there’s something we know for sure:

Women deserve to find fulfillment at any stage of life.

It’s really easy to fall into the thought-trap that because you’re at a certain point or you’ve reached a certain age, that change isn’t possible. Unfortunately, thinking like this only makes you feel more stuck and more hopeless as you start to give up on ever crafting a more exciting life. Giving up feels like a reasonable option because it can be really scary to put yourself out there and chase new dreams, especially since you’ve been so dissatisfied by your old ones. But, in the long run, you do yourself a great disservice when you stop looking at life with a sense of wonder.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find new aspirations that are more in line with your hopes and your values. It simply means, you need a little guidance to do the deep work to figure out your purpose and passion in life.

Often, when you lay out plans for yourself, life becomes all about checking the boxes. So much so that you forget why you even had those things on your list in the first place and how they contributed to your dreams. But being busy is not the same as feeling fulfilled.

The truth is, staying in line with what lights you up is really hard. And it’s normal to get caught up in all you have to do without even realizing why you’re doing it. Although you’ve outlined some pretty big successes for yourself, you do not have to suffer through the daily grind just to say that you are accomplishing something. Instead, you can cultivate more uplifting and exhilarating experiences.

That’s where The Virtual Therapy Couch comes in:

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists with years of experience working in New York City, we have seen the ways that busy, accomplished women struggle. At The Virtual Therapy Couch, our job is to help you become curious about why things are the way they are in your life so you can recognize triggers and shift from reacting situations to understanding and responding to them. We wholeheartedly believe that having compassion for yourself and your past experiences leads you integrate all aspects of yourself into one thriving whole. You just need the guidance and expertise of a professional to help you calm the do-er inside you and help her be.

We make it our mission to help busy women find the time and space to care for themselves. The Virtual Therapy Couch dedicated to empowering women, providing hope and insight, so they can lead their best lives. It is our passion to support women in all stages of life make the changes they need to feel fulfilled

The Virtual Therapy Couch

Offers online therapy to busy women in NYC who are looking for freedom from stress and worry and want to enjoy life more.

Perhaps you feel like you can’t get through a day without worrying about something you have to do going wrong. You’ve tried to remind yourself that some things are beyond your control and that it is ok to relax and let things be, but you have difficulty concentrating on anything else whenever you feel worked up. You so desperately want to be able to look to the future without feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, but you have no idea how to put your intense worry aside. That’s ok. By scheduling a session with The Virtual Therapy Couch, you will learn the tools and skills to understand your anxiety from places that bring you comfort like your home or office. 

Or maybe your busyness spills over into your relationships. You’d like to connect with others on an intimate level and find friends or a lover who are going to last despite the other demands you have in your life. You’re looking for guidance as you redefine who you are in the scope of your romantic relationships and friendships and you’re hoping to understand how you can feel fulfilled as an individual and as one half of a partnership. When you schedule with The Virtual Therapy Couch, you will invest in your relationship with yourself, so you can set the tone for everyone else you interact with.

It’s possible you’ve found the romantic partner you want to spend your life with, but the two of you are struggling because of how much the two of you have to do. You’re both running around meeting demands and fulfilling obligations that you hardly have time to connect. You know you need to find ways to prioritize your relationship, but when both of you are so busy, it’s hard to dedicate time to your love life. You need a plan in place that is going to help you be more present with each other and more intentional about your connection. When you and your partner schedule a session with The Virtual Therapy Couch, the two of you can ensure you find the time to work on your relationship regardless of where you are during the day. 

Ultimately, a freer, more enjoyable life comes when you can understand how your over-exertion is contributing to your worry and strained relationships.

You’re ready to connect with your authentic hopes and values and finally take care of who you are at the core. The Virtual Therapy Couch can help.

What can therapy do for me?

There are a variety of benefits that can come from therapy, and they tend to be individualized. Therapists are there to provide levels of support, teach certain skills, and help patients discover new coping strategies for things like anxiety and couples issues.
You don’t need to have some kind of ‘major disorder’ to find usefulness from a therapist. In fact, if you’re simply looking for personal growth in any aspect of your life, you can typically find the skills and resources through therapy. Essentially, a therapist offers a different way of looking at things – perhaps a perspective you haven’t yet considered.

Still unsure about what therapy could do for you? Let’s take a look a few examples of some common benefits:

– Grasping a deeper understanding of who you are
– Identifying your goals and dreams
– Obtaining the right skills for bettering your life’s relationships
– Learning resources to put an end to the issues that brought you to therapy
– Managing problem areas in your personal life, like anger, stress, depression, etc.
– Creating new patterns of behavior for yourself
– Changing your problem-solving perspective
– Boosting your self-esteem and confidence

If I feel as though I can handle my issues on my own, is therapy really necessary?

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t experiences challenges of some kind throughout their life. It’s never a bad idea to have additional support and understanding. In all actuality, therapy is ideal for people who understand themselves enough to realize they actually could use some help.You’re taking the first step down an incredible path that can lead to long-lasting benefits for the rest of your life, even when challenges come up again.

What can I expect from therapy?

Just like the reasons for therapy are different for everyone, most people can expect different experiences. The good news is that therapy is completely individually-focused, which is why everyone can get something different out of it. Generally, your life, your history, and any relevant insights will be important to the specific discussions. Sometimes therapy can be focused on a specific need, in which case it’s a ‘short term’ solution, while in other cases, many people go to therapy regularly, each week, to simply look for more personal growth.

Again, therapy isn’t meant to be some kind of ‘quick fix’ where you simply sit back and listen. It is a participatory experience. The more you involve yourself in the process, the better results you’re bound to see. It’s a practice in everyday living, in which you take what you learn from the session, and apply it to your life. Therefore, it’s important to be mentally prepared to make those changes in your life.

How should one consider medication vs. psychotherapy?

While medication has been proven to help with many different disorders, it has also been proven that time and time again, it simply isn’t enough. Medication often treats the symptoms of a problem, without getting to the root of solving it, which is where therapy comes in. The decision to take psychotropic medications or not, is a highly personal one, and your personal wishes will be honored. If in the course of treatment, you decided you might benefit from medications, I will refer you out to an appropriate provider.

How does insurance factor into therapy?

Insurance companies are different – some offer mental health coverage, while others do not. The easiest way to find out if mental health care is covered by your provider is to contact them. If you’re looking for a good place to start, you could consider asking what their coverage amounts are for out of network therapy sessions.

Do the topics in each therapy session remain private?

There is practically nothing more important in therapy than confidentiality. As with any doctor/patient agreement, your privacy is of the utmost importance. A good therapist understands the vulnerability and openness that must come from each patient, therapy itself can take a lot of trust, and that needs to be developed over time.It is your choice if you’d like to have your therapist share anything significant with your other healthcare providers, but this can only be done with your written consent. Nothing you share in your sessions is to be told to anyone else, with the rare exceptions of suspected abuse of any kind (including child protection), or if the therapist has any reason to believe their patient may hurt themselves, or others. These situations are a matter of ethical procedures, and sometimes, even the law.